Turntable Accessories To Keep Your Set-Up Fresh!

The new Turntable Accessories Range offers a variety of tools for the maintenance of turntables, cartridges and records to ensure high performance and increase the lifespan of A-T products. Keep these handy by your set-up!

AT6012 Record Cleaning Kit | $39.95

Keep your records dust, static, and fingerprint-free with the A-T Record Cleaning Kit. Easy to use and it includes its own cradle to store it on your shelf for easy access.

Need a fluid top up? Check out the AT634a below.

AT607a Cartridge Stylus Cleaning Fluid (10ml) | $19.95

A-T styli can manage a minimum of 300 – 500 hours of play so they need a bit of love! The AT607a cartridge stylus cleaner is a special cleaning formula that dissolves dust and dirt known to hinder proper tracking. It can also help to extend the life of your stylus with special care. 

AT6003R Cartridge Storage Capsule | $49.95

Keep your precious cartridge and headshell combos in perfect condition in the AT6003R Cartridge Storage Capsule. The coloured polycarbonate case prevents UV light damage on dampers and protects cartridges from dust and microparticles. 

AT6108 Cartridge to Headshell 6N OFC Lead Wires | $69.95

Want a bit more out of your cartridges? Then it’s time to upgrade the wires. The AT6108 is made from 6N High Purity Copper (99.99997% of purity) for high purity audio.

AT618a Disk stabiliser | $79.95

For those who own a Direct Drive turntable, the AT618a will be your best friend when if comes to home listening. The AT618a holds the record firmly in place stabilising the record and helping to minimise vibration. If you have any any warped records in your collection you want to test out, the AT618a can also help minimise skipping. 

AT615 Turntable leveller | $44.95

When moving or setting up your turntable, it’s important that the turntable is level to ensure high performance and ensure the longevity of your turntable and cartridges. The AT615 is a handy little tool that won’t take up much space at all. 



Record Cleaning Kit

$ 39.95


Record Cleaning Fluid

$ 19.95


The AT607a stylus cleaning fluid extends both stylus and record life (10ml)

$ 19.95


Cartridge Storage Capsule

$ 49.95


Cartridge to Headshell 6N OFC Lead Wires

$ 69.95


Disk stabiliser

$ 79.95


Turntable leveller

$ 44.95


Cartridge to headshell PCOCC lead wires

$ 14.95


Cartridge to Headshell Premium PCOCC Lead Wires

$ 59.95

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