The New Creator Pack for Home Recording

The Creator Pack is the newest product in the line of home recording and studio packs by Audio-Technica. Complete with the brand new ATR2500x-USB microphone, the ATH-M20x headphones and a boom arm, this pack is perfect for anyone looking to start their journey into content creation or improve their setup. This one-stop content creator pack is ideal for anyone getting into podcasting, home recording, voiceover use, live-streaming and much more!


The centrepiece of this pack is the brand new ATR2500x-USB, a new large-diaphragm, side-address cardioid condenser microphone. Achieve studio-quality sound with no additional hardware thanks to the USB-C connection and high-quality analogue-to-digital converter (24-bit, up to 192 kHz). High-frequency response, as well as side and rear noise reduction, make the product ideally suited to digital home recording. Included with the ATR2500X-USB is a sturdy tripod desk stand, pivoting threaded stand mount and USB-C to USB-A cable.



The ATH-M20X headphones are part of Audio-Technica’s flagship M-Series studio monitoring headphone range and are an excellent tool for anyone getting into home recording. The flat frequency response means you’ll hear yourself precisely as intended and be able to master your sound before you go live. You can plug the ATH-M20x directly into the ATR2500x-USB’s headphone monitor out to instantly hear the microphone or plug them into your computer to monitor your entire mix.



The Creator pack also features a boom arm to ensure optimal positioning and minimise noise interference from vibrations. Using a c-clamp for a secure fit, the boom arm easily attaches to desks and other surfaces.


The Creator Pack is available at JB Hi-Fi, online electronic retailers and MI/Professional music shops.



Creator Pack

ATR2500x-USB + ATH-M20x + Boom Arm

$ 349

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