The ATH-G1 gaming headset, the best working from home tool you’ll ever need

When we were all initially sent home at the start of the pandemic, some people had it lucky; a spare room, an office, even a quiet living room to work out of. I live in a two-bedroom apartment with my amazing wife, two young kids and an extremely needy dog. No spare room, no office, not even a desk, just my dining table and whatever section of the couch I could claim as my own. The first thought going through my head about having to work from home is the Home Alone shaving scene when Kevin pours aftershave on his face and screams. “AHHHHHH” I can’t work from home with kids… or so I thought.

What went from a few face-to-face meetings a week turned into a non-stop face timing, zoom meeting, Teams catch up-marathon and it still hasn’t stopped! Even as things begin to normalise, the online meetings haven’t slowed down. Even though at times it sounds like there’s a royal rumble going on in the background, I sound as clear and professional as if I was in a soundproofed office, and that’s because I’m using my ATH-G1 gaming headset.

Now I know wearing a headset with a gooseneck mic doesn’t look as cool as your air pods, and your hair might not be as on point, but it doesn’t matter how good your hair looks if no one can understand what you’re saying in a meeting.

Why I Love Wearing a Headset?

For me, when you are using headphones, you are fully immersed in the conversation, and you give your full and complete attention. I think that’s important for any online meeting. Closed-back headphones are a must, and while some are a bit tight or uncomfortable, the earpads on the ATH-G1 are so light and breathable that you can’t even tell you’re wearing them. So even if the meeting runs overtime, I’m always good to continue.

The other reason I love wearing a headset is that I sound professional. I know that setting up your home office can be a bit daunting, and no one wants to look like they don’t understand technology but plugging a headset into your laptop is as easy as can be.

It’s now become mandatory for all of our staff to use headsets in any meeting, especially when you’re working from home and you’ve got outside noises, distractions or like me, two kids running around. If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of someone using their internal laptop microphone (especially with a few people huddled around it), then you know how I feel. The sound is delayed, it picks up everything in the room, and your voice doesn’t sound nearly the same as it does in real life. It seriously impacts how you sound in meetings and trust me; no one wants to be asked to repeat themselves any more than once.

(Quick side-note Horror story, the other day I had a Teams meeting with a person who was using a Bluetooth Speaker for the audio communication during the meeting. I could hear myself in the delay coming from the speakers in his spare room which echoed the delay of the speaker – SERENITY NOW!

The Microphone

Now the microphone on this headset isn’t your typical one found on the receiving end of some kid in Call of Duty. This is a professional broadcast quality mic. For me at least, I’ve never experienced a microphone with better quality that connects via a 3.5mm jack. In short, the mic is next level, and I know this because every meeting I get complimented on how I sound (and even in Call of Duty by the kids with the crap mics).

Whilst any mic is a big step up in quality from your laptop, a headset outperforms a desktop mic (boundary or otherwise) because the hyper cardioid microphone blocks out external sound incredibly well. From paper shuffling and desk tapping to babies crying and dogs barking, you can’t hear any of it. The best thing is the microphone is detachable. So when work is over, I can just remove the mic and use the ATH-G1 as regular headphones to enjoy music or movies, meaning I get even more value out of my working (and gaming) headset.

The Fit

I’ve already mentioned how comfortable and plush the ear pads are, but I need to make a special shout out to the headband. It’s made of metal and is really well constructed. My kids have grabbed, dropped, bent and stretched this headset to a level I feel most other headbands would have just snapped. It’s got more than enough padding underneath to always feel tight and snug, yet it’s extremely lightweight and provides very even pressure over your entire head, making them perfect for extended use.

The Sound

Without a doubt, Audio-Technica always put sound quality as their number one priority. The ATH-G1 takes inspiration from our M-Series range in terms of design and sound. However, they’re less flat and more fun, making them great for everything. All voices sound super clear, and it’s very easy to understand everyone in the meeting, outside of that they’re epic for all your gaming, music and movie needs.

Going Wireless

Now if you really feel like treating yourself and taking things to the next level, then I have to recommend the wireless version. The sound quality stays the same, but you’re given a new level of freedom to move about the house whilst keeping the meeting going. Need to answer the door, stretch your legs, pick up your kids or quickly grab a drink mid-meeting? No problem at all.

All in all, the ATH-G1’s and G1WL’s are my go-to headphones and headsets for everything I do, and I use them more than any other product we range (that in itself should be enough information to go out and grab a pair).

I hope this gives you a glimpse into a late 30’s Dad, working from home in the middle of a global pandemic, living in the inner city in a small apartment



Studio-Quality Gaming Headset

$ 249


Wireless Studio-Quality Gaming Headset

$ 349

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