Stuck at Home with the ANC300TW

From taking every single phone call to blasting sweet white noise into my brain, you’re going to struggle to find me wandering around the house or working from home without my ANC300TW’s lodged ever so comfortably in my ears.

Even though the thought of flying is indefinitely postponed, I can flick my ANC300TW’s to ‘Office/Study’ mode and they go from turbine crushing noise-cancelling to a pleasant hum, removing any rumblings of the outside world. Not only does it make the noise-cancellation a little less fatiguing but it improves their battery life, and considering how often I use these guys, I’m very surprised at how little I actually need to plug them in. In all honesty, even without using the noise-cancelling at its full potential I can’t seem to get these buds out of my head, and here’s four reasons why;

The microphone. I’m taking way more calls than I ever have, be it during the day at work or after hours catching up with the family. And whilst I still don’t think many people are listening to me, they can definitely hear me as I’m constantly complimented about my microphone quality… It’s one thing to sound clear with a headset on, or a microphone in front of you, but to sound this good over a call with a pair of true wireless buds frees you up to go about your business without a care in the world

The hear through technology. I’m often in my own little world when I’ve got headphones on, but ones that are also actively shutting everything up around me put me in my own galaxy. This is great for when I’m on a plane, not great for when my partner is trying to get my attention or someone at the park is alerting me to the tiny surprise my dog just left me. With the ANC300TW’s hear through all I need to do is press one button and my music is immediately muted, the microphones activate and pick up everything around me, allowing me to hear what’s going on perfectly. Full conversations with the buds still in and the hear-through on are even better than taking the buds out, and even with everyone being muffled with a face mask I can clearly hear them. This feature is seriously a game changer.

The fit. The ANC300TW’s are quite an unassuming pair of buds, no fancy colours and a really modest design. No fins, clips or cables keeping these guys in your ears, just a variety of silicone and foam Comply™ tips to get the job done – and done it is. Whether it be exercising or doing chores around the house, these are some of the most comfortable buds I’ve ever worn and they hold up well after a few hours use without fear of falling out.

The Sound. I’m going to very honest; I’ve just been listening to a tonne of death metal and I couldn’t be happier blasting all of its various brutal sub genres through the ANC300TW. The fact that a tiny headphone can handle something so distorted and extreme, but sound so ‘big’ is seriously impressive. They also shine with cleaner, more technical and progressive music, making my favourite tracks sound at home and giving me a nice quiet environment to get stuck into new tunes. Regardless of all of these epic features, I would not use or recommend any headphone that didn’t sound great, and these sound brilliant.

At a time where I physically can’t go anywhere, I’ve never found myself using or recommending noise-cancelling headphones more in my entire life. The ANC300TW’s are always finding new ways to make themselves a part of my everyday life and have since become an essential tool for working at home.

Matthew Stillone – 12/08/2020



QuietPoint® Wireless Active Noise-Cancelling In-Ear Headphones

$ 299

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