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We asked our social media followers what they would like to know about streaming. With united power, streamer and friend @Subparlover and Audio-Technica Australia’s Matt answered all of them in our Instagram stories.

Is it better to stream with a separate mic and headphones or with a headset? Which one is more popular or practical?

It’s probably a bit more professional to use a separate microphone and headphone. However, if you are just starting out, a headset with a good microphone is totally fine as long as you are audible. – Matt

Which external Audio-Technica microphone would go well with the ATH-G1WL headset? Or does the built-in microphone suffice for streaming?

The Built-in microphone will work really well. However, if you want a more studio-style sound, I recommend using either the ATR2500xUSB or the AT2020USB+ as USB options. A dynamic mic like the AT-BP40 will give you a higher quality sound and block out the outside noise similar to your headset. – Matt


What’s the minimum upload speed required for streaming?

Shoot for six megabits per second! You can probably get away with a little bit less if your only doing ‘just chatting’. Don’t expect to do high-level gaming, but six megabits should get it done if you want to get in and get started. – Subpar Lover

Closed-back or open-back; what’s the best for gaming?

For gaming, it’s all about personal preference. I like open-back headphones whereas a lot of people like closed-back. However, for streaming, closed-back headphones are a must. The reason why is that the audio tends to leak when using open-back headphones and that can get picked up by your microphone. – Matt

Is streaming a fun activity? I’m thinking of streaming, but I’m worried about being inspired.

That is an excellent question. As cliché as it sounds, it needs to be fun. If you treat it like a job, it’s going to wear you down like a job. If you are worried about inspiration, don’t. Take the weight off your shoulders and just focus on having a good time. I promise you will do just fine. Your main objective is to enjoy yourself. – Subpar Lover

What is more important; audio our visual?

Audio. Many people watch Twitch streams and other videos in the background while doing something else, so audio is essential. – Subpar Lover

How many people does it take to watch a stream before it gets a lag?

I don’t think that this would ever happen, but if I had to guess I would say around 472 Million people? – Subpar Lover

What’s the best Audio-Technica Microphone to use for streaming and why?

When it comes to USB microphones, I would recommend the AT2020USB+. If you are looking for an XLR microphone that blocks out a lot of background noise, I would go with the AT-BP40. It depends on your budget and how the room you record in is set up. They’ll both do a great job but yield different results. – Matt

Are there any specific personalities/traits that make one a successful streamer?

So many people are going to tell you that confidence and being loud will help. However, I think it is determination. You are going to have some bad streams in between the good ones. Determination is the thing that helps you to keep going with the next video, podcast, or stream. Success is a relative term, but if you want to get there long term, determination is what you need.

Would you recommend the ATH-G1WL headset with the built-in microphone or something cheaper with an external mic?

If you want to stream and are on a budget, focus on getting a high-quality microphone. – Matt

If you are just gaming with your friends, the quality of the ATH-G1WL or the ATH-G1 is going to be bang on. You won’t need anything else. – Subpar Lover


How on earth do you play a game at a top-level and respond to chat at the same time? Blows my mind!

That’s so sweet. Honestly, I don’t think I am a top gamer in any of the games I play. With Borderlands it all came down to my 2,000 hours of practice. – Subpar Lover

Would I be able to use the ATH-G1WL to stream across all consoles (PC, PS4, PS5, xBox, Nintendo Switch, etc.)?

The ATH-G1WL will only work on a PC. However, the ATH-G1 has a 3.5mm TRS plug which means you can use it with PC, and all other consoles. – Matt

How do you cope with being bound to a niche game and wanting to branch out as a pseudo variety streamer?

There are pros and cons to both. If you focus on a niche game and grow with the niche, you tend to grow faster. That also implies you being part of a community. However, the good thing about variety games is getting to try out new releases when they first come out. If you pick one of the two, you have to be careful not to end up being typecast. – Subpar Lover

Are viewers as likely to engage with art/creative based streaming as they are with gaming?

People are likely to engage with streamers that are engaging. It doesn’t matter if you are doing art, gaming or ‘just chatting’. If you are engaging as a person and genuinely care about talking to people, that’s how you succeed. – Subpar Lover

What pushed you into becoming a streamer?

It was the need to scratch a creative itch. Having a creative outlet is important for everybody and for me creating content on Twitch, was it. – Subpar Lover

Is there a way to stream effectively with slow internet?

It might be a bit tricky, but maybe If you can use the data on your phone, you could bridge that gap. I started with one megabit per second and had to sacrifice some video quality. As we said before, you should focus on the audio. ¬– Subpar Lover

What equipment do you need to get started? What are some tips for would-be streamers? Does a streamer always have to be live?

To get started, you want a good sounding microphone. Audio quality is really important. A basic webcam will do. You don’t always have to be live, but it helps. The best advice is to create content for other platforms. Don’t just do Twitch. If you can, do some things on social media. You should try to diversify. It is the way forward. – Subpar Lover

How important is room acoustics while streaming?

Acoustics can be very important if you do not use a dynamic microphone (blocks out a lot of outside noise). However, if you have a good directional microphone, the acoustics are not that important. – Matt

One of the trickiest things about streaming is getting the audio levels right when dealing with the chaos of everything. Have you got any tips? Do you eyeball levels, test before stream rely on chat or something else?

I would definitely recommend doing a test recording, where you play the game and behave as if you’d respond to people in the chat. Rinse and repeat that until you find the sweet spot for your audio setting. – Subpar Lover

What is Subpar Lover’s favourite feature of the ATH-G1WL?

That would be the comfort. I’ve started editing Youtube videos now, which can take up to 12 hours. In that time I can leave the ATH-G1WLs on my head because I don’t need a break from them. – Subpar Lover

Which game would you recommend to take full advantage of the 7.1 surround sound mode? Also, are the ATH-G1WL comfortable enough to fall asleep while listening to Chillstep?

Ghost of Tsushima is an incredible game to play with the ATH-G1WL. You can hear the wind blowing around your head. – Subpar Lover

How does the ATH-G1WL compare to the ATH-M50X and the ATH-AD700X?

The ATH-G1 and G1WL are actually modelled from the ATH-M50X as you can tell by the very similar design. They both have a studio-like driver and act very similar because they are closed-back. The sound signature is rather flat and neutral for either model, which should make your audio sound nice and accurate, the way the musician or producer intended. The ATH-AD700X are open-back, which means they have an epic soundscape. They are all very different products, but awesome each in their own way. – Matt


What is the best advice that’s stuck with you in life and why?

An old boss said to me ‘You’re not on the plane until you’re on the plane.’ This means you should always have a back-up plan because life will throw you curve balls and you should expect that. – Subpar Lover

A big thank you to everyone who submitted questions and to Subpar Lover for helping us out with his expertise. If you want to see more of @SubparLover, make sure to follow him on Twitter and catch him live on Twitch.



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