Midnight blues drum kit with 3xMB5 (snare/toms) and 1xMB6 (kick) in brief case

$299 + shipping (includes gst)

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The MB/Dk4 Drum Pack includes a core selection of four microphones specifically engineered for drum applications. The three included MB 5k snare/tom microphones and one MB 6k kick microphone feature low-profile design for minimum visibility and versatile placement options around the drum kit. Also included in the package are three drum-rim microphone mounts and a durable carrying case. 

Tailored for snare, rack toms and other highly dynamic instruments, the MB 5k snare/tom microphone offers a moving coil dynamic design with cardioid polar pattern, delivering superior off-axis rejection for maximum gain before feedback. With a frequency response of 100-12,000 Hz, the mic is engineered to handle fast transients and high SPLs. 

The cardioid dynamic MB 6k kick microphone has a frequency response of 60-12,000 Hz. A natural at handling high SPLs, the MB 6k delivers superior results on bass drum as well as on floor and deep rack toms.

  • Custom-engineered for use on snare and toms (MB 5K Cardioid Dynamic Snare/Tom Microphone - 3 Included)
  • Road-ready all-metal construction
  • Low-profile percussion-style design
  • Built-in adjustable stand mount
  • Custom-engineered for use on kick drum (MB 6K Cardioid Dynamic Kick Microphone - 1 Included)


Polar Pattern


Frequency Response

MB 5k: 100-12,000 Hz 
MB 6k: 60-12,000 Hz

Open Circuit Sensitivity

MB 5k: -58 dB (1.2 mV) re 1V at 1 Pa 
MB 6k: -59 dB (1.1 mV) re 1V at 1 Pa


500 ohms


MB5K : 324g

MB6K: 317g


MB5K: 113.2mm long, 41.5mm head diameter

MB6K: 116.5mm long, 53.5mm head diameter

Output Connector

Integral 3-pin XLRM-type

Accessories Furnished

3 MB 5k snare/tom mics; 1 MB 6k kick mic; 3 drum mic mounts; durable carrying case 

MB6K Frequency (JPG) Download
MB6K Polar (JPG) Download
MB5K Frequency (JPG) Download
MB5k Polar (JPG) Download


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