3000-Series - Handheld Transmitter

$549 + shipping (includes gst)

All transmitters operate using two AA batteries and feature high- and low-level RF output settings. The low-level setting extends battery life while retaining a strong RF signal link. Charging terminals on the base of each transmitter work with the optional ATW-CHG3 and ATW-CHG3N charging docks to recharge AA NiMH batteries. Each transmitter’s OLED screen presents a great deal of setup and operating information, including battery indicator, mute status and operating frequency. Setup functions are menu-driven via soft-touch controls, which are covered to prevent accidental activation. A dual-color status LED illuminates green when power is on and red when the transmitter is muted or battery power is low.

Transmitters have a selectable high-pass filter and a gain setting that can be adjusted in 2 dB increments. As with the receiver, transmitter settings can be locked.

The ATW-T3202 handheld transmitter offers extremely low handling noise. The transmitter’s industry-standard thread mount also allows it to be used with additional Audio-Technica capsules (available separately) and other compatible capsules. Its multifunction button can be programmed to perform a specific function when pressed and held: mute the audio; mute the audio even when the transmitter is locked; turn off RF transmission; or switch to a preselected backup frequency to avoid interference. (The multifunction button can also be disabled.) The transmitter housing is made of metal with an integral antenna and an OLED screen. Each handheld transmitter includes a heavy-duty Quiet-Flex™ stand clamp.

  • 3000 series wireless handheld transmitter
  • 60 MHz UHF tuning bandwidth in each of 6 available frequency bands
  • Several Audio-Technica interchangeable microphone capsules available
  • Industry-standard thread for use with interchangeable microphone capsules
  • Unique multifunction button to switch to a backup frequency
  • IR sync functionality for ease of setup
RF Power Output

High: 30 mW, Low: 10 mW (switchable), at 50 Ω

Spurious Emissions

Following Federal and National Regulations

Microphone Element

Interchangeable industry-standard thread

Battery Type

Two 1.5V AA, not included

Battery Life

High: 8.0 hours / Low: 9.0 hours (alkaline)
High: 9.0 hours / Low: 9.5 hours (Ni-MH 1900mAh)
Depending on battery type, usage and environmental conditions


193.0 mm long, 37.0 mm maximum diameter

Net Weight

200 g

Accessories Included

AT8456a Quiet-Flex™ stand clamp; ⅝”-27 male to ⅜”-16 female threaded screw adapter

3000 Series User Manual (PDF) Download



Audio-Technica’s fourth-generation 3000 Series wireless system

$ 1099


Interchangeable Cardioid Dynamic Microphone Capsule

$ 199


Interchangeable Cardioid Dynamic Microphone Capsule

$ 329


Interchangeable Hypercardioid Dynamic Microphone Capsule

$ 329


Interchangeable Cardioid Condenser Microphone Capsule

$ 329


Interchangeable Cardioid Condenser Microphone Capsule

$ 449


Interchangeable Cardioid Condenser Microphone Capsule

$ 569


Two-Bay Charging Station

$ 449


Two-Bay Charging Station with Network Connection

$ 649

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