430mm Hypercardioid Gooseneck Microphone

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430mm Hypercardioid Gooseneck Microphones with LED Ring To be used with ATUC50CU (Central Programmable Control Unit) and ATUC-50DU (System Discussion Unit) components. Click here for the ATUC-M58H (580mm Hypercardioid Gooseneck).

Featuring easy-to-use, plug-and-play functionality, the ATUC-50 Digital Discussion System offers reliable, clear and intelligible communication to significantly increase meeting efficiency and effectiveness. The system provides 24-bit/48kHz uncompressed digital audio for natural-sounding voice reproduction, along with a 12-band feedback suppressor that enables higher volume levels.

The ATUC-50CU rack-mountable control unit can power and control up to 50 ATUC-50DU discussion units. Up to three control units may be cascade-connected via Cat5e (or better) cable. This cascade-connection thus enables the use of up to 150 discussion units in one system. The ATUC-50CU features four balanced outputs and one unbalanced output, plus left/right AUX RCA inputs, two mic/line inputs, and two interpretation return inputs to provide simultaneous interpretation feeds in addition to the floor language feed.

The ATUC-50CU is equipped with an audio recorder that can record MP3 or WAV files of 2 GB or less onto a connected USB mass storage device (2 TB max. storage capacity). When the 2 GB limit is reached, a new file can be created to continue recording. Up to four channels are available for recording WAV files; up to two channels are available for recording MP3s.

The front panel of the ATUC-50CU offers several indicator LEDs to display status of USB access, recording, discussion unit power, discussion unit chain, control unit link, remote control, and audio signal level. The OLED Display shows system settings that can be adjusted by using the jog dial and back button. Among the settings are multiple modes that allow the system to adapt to any discussion situation, including Free Talk mode, Request to Talk mode, Full Remote mode, and various override settings. Automated gain control (AGC), mic gain and mic EQ settings are available for each individual discussion unit. Settings can be saved as presets and easily recalled before the start of each meeting. The control unit can also be programmed to work via Web Remote Control, which enables the user to configure and operate the system from a computer or mobile device. IP Control allows full parameter access from most third-party control systems.

Each ATUC-50DU discussion unit is equipped with a 3-pin XLRF-type input for use with compatible gooseneck microphones, including the ATUC-M43H or ATUC-M58H microphones specifically designed for the system. The discussion unit also features a display for monitoring volume and channel selection, buttons for selecting channel, a built-in speaker, a headphone jack with volume control, two independently programmable LED indicators, and a talk button to turn the connected microphone on/off or send a request to talk to the moderator. On units designated by the control unit as priority discussion units, the talk button can be used to mute and override a non-priority discussion unit. Up to 50 discussion units may be connected to a control unit, using Cat5e (or better) cable employed in either daisy chain or ring topology. Ring topology offers an additional layer of stability to the system since the system actually regards the start and end of the ring (terminated at the discussion unit chain A/B inputs on the control unit) as the start of two daisy chains. Thus, even if there is a connection failure somewhere in the ring, the control unit will still recognize each discussion unit as part of one of the two daisy chains, allowing the system to function without interruption. The discussion units are designed for tabletop or recessed mounting, and are outfitted with a paintable front plate.

The ATUC-M43H and ATUC-M58H gooseneck microphones each feature a hypercardioid condenser element with double-layer pop filter, a remote-controlled LED ring, 3-pin XLRM-type connector with rubber cap to prevent mechanical vibration, and RFI-shielding technology.

  • Compatible with ATUC-50 Digital Discussion System
  • Unique 3-pin balanced microphone with remote controlled LED ring
  • Patent-pending design isolates the microphone connector and discussion unit
  • Double-layer pop filter (inside microphone and detachable windscreen)
  • RFI shielding technology offers outstanding rejection of RF interferencev
  • 430mm Double-gooseneck design for incredible positioning flexibility
  • Also available in 430mm length
ATUC-50 Brochure (PDF) Download
ATUC-50 Manual (PDF) Download
ATUC-50 Submittal Sheet (PDF) Download
ATUC-50 Control Protocol Specifications (PDF) Download



Central programmable control unit

$ 2699


Programmable System Discussion Unit

$ 649


580mm Hypercardioid Gooseneck Microphone

$ 259

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