Headshell/Cartridge Combo Kit

$139 + shipping (includes gst)

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Includes AT95E Cartridge and AT-HS10BK Headshell

The half-inch standard mount AT95E phonograph cartridge offers outstanding clarity and detail. Reviewers have rated this affordable, high-performance cartridge as a best buy value. Manufactured to Audio-Technica’s renowned quality standards, each cartridge is meticulously assembled with remarkably tight tolerances. The elliptical diamond stylus is designed to track record grooves with high accuracy for outstanding audio reproduction. Includes mounting hardware and stylus guard. 

The lightweight aluminium AT-HS10BK is a universal ½”-mount headshell for 4-pin turntable cartridges. Featuring an aluminium die-cast body, the AT-HS10BK is designed to keep vibration to the bare minimum. The finger lift is positioned near the front of headshell to enable precise placement of the stylus onto the record. The headshell is equipped with gold-plated lead wires for lossless signal transmission and comes with mounting screws. Fits the AT-LP120-USB and AT-LP1240-USB direct-drive turntables. 

  • Replacement Headshell/Cartridge Combo Kit for LP120-USB & LP1240-USB



Replacement stylus for AT95E/BL

$ 29.95


Dual Magnet Cartridge

$ 59.95


Direct-Drive Turntable with USB & Pre-Amp

$ 599

Colour :


Professional DJ Direct-Drive Turntable with USB & Pre-Amp

$ 999


Replacement stylus for AT95EX

$ 49.95

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