Cartridge Storage Capsule

$49.95 + shipping (includes gst)

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Keep your collection of cartridges and headshells in top condition with the AT6003R Cartridge Storage Capsule. Coloured polycarbonate case prevents UV light damage on dampers and protects cartridges from dust and microparticles. Headshells are fixed into the capsule using a double lock pin-type mechanism with rubber feet on the base for stable installation. The capsules are slitted for easy storage of headshells.

  • Stores 3 sets of cartridges and headshells
  • Coloured polycarbonate case prevents UV light damage on dampers
  • Protects cartridges from dust and microparticles
  • Slitted capsule for easy storage of headshells
  • Headshell fixed into capsule using a double lock pin type mechanism
  • Base features rubber feet for stable installation



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