Receiver unit for System 10 PRO systems

$289 + shipping (includes gst)

The ATW-RU13 receiver unit features two detachable antennas that screw onto the face of the unit via SMA connectors. The rear of the unit is equipped  with a ¼”-20 thread socket for mounting the receiver unit remotely to a tripod  or other device with a ¼” screw. An RJ45 connector, also on the rear of the unit, allows a remotely mounted receiver unit to be connected to the chassis  with UTP cable. An LED status indicator, located between the mount socket and the RJ45 connector, blinks slowly when the receiver unit is  not paired with a transmitter, blinks quickly during the pairing process, and  illuminates solidly green once the receiver unit is paired with a transmitter. An AT8690 RU13 Holder is supplied for each receiver unit, providing a convenient means to mount the unit remote.

  • Receiver unit for System 10 PRO systems
  • Two detachable antennas with SMA connectors
  • LED status indicator
Receiving System

Diversity (frequency/time/space)

Diversity (frequency/time/space)

Remote Receiver Connector: RJ45
Link Connector: RJ12


209.8mm W x 44mm H x 169.3mm D


940 grams


Antennas, AT8690 RU13 holder


System 10 PRO

Rack-Mount Digital Wireless System



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