The Best Music to Maximise Productivity

What if the right music could give you the edge you need to smash out your to-do list for the day? This or a similar thought would have crossed the researchers’ minds when writing papers about performance-enhancing music. So now that we have scientific proof, let’s check out how music affects our productivity.


Like a nice piece of chocolate or cake (choose your poison), there will be a reaction in the part of the brain that registers rewards when you listen to music you like (2019 Study). Granted, some genres are more suitable than others for a work session. However, even the prospect of rocking out to your favourite tune in a study or work break will give you a little reward and that sweet serotonin boost.


A 2007 Stanford University study showed evidence that classical music helps absorb, process, and retain information. Naturally, this information comes with a disclaimer: Not everyone will experience heightened focus or increased productivity, but it’s worth a try.

Ideal Music

  • No lyrics – unless they are in a language you don’t speak.
  • Slow instrumental pieces without any fast breaks or changes are best.
  • Listen to your music at a low volume, so it’s less likely to distract you.
  • Pick songs to which you don’t have too much of an emotional connection.
  • Other great alternatives to music are nature sounds and white noise.

Headphones to Get the Job Done

Now that we nailed down the sound, the only thing missing is the right set of cans. Our QuietPoint series has a range of excellent active noise-cancelling headphones. Our ANCs give you an uninterrupted listening experience wherever you are.



These active noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones are great at creating a quiet atmosphere for better concentration. Whether you are looking for an affordable everyday pair of headphones or a more high-end product, this series will deliver excellent results.





The true wireless in-ear headphone hybrid with active noise-cancelling is a new favourite among the Audio-Technica Australia staff. Whether you are out and about or working from home, they are comfortable, sound fantastic and have a plethora of functions and ways to adjust them to your personal preferences.




It’s amazing how sound can positively affect us, and we are here to provide you with the best audio gear to experience it.



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