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We can’t get enough of the Live at Enmore series! If you want to see raw talent in a studio setting playing some absolute bangers, then this series is for you. Once a week Enmore Audio invites an Australian act to do a recording session at their Newtown studio. The cozy atmosphere paired with these talented guests makes for amazing content. So when Enmore Audio hit us up about getting in on the fun, we were super keen to get on board and show off some of our favourite microphones for both live and studio use.

If you haven’t seen our first article, we highly recommend you check it out, so you don’t miss any of the previously mentioned acts.

Since we put out the last Enmore Audio article, a few weeks have passed, and many great artists recorded their songs at the studio since.

Harrison Storm Performs ‘Sea and Fire’

Harrison Storm has a sound that embodies his Mornington Peninsula home: cinematic in scope but simultaneously raw and intimate.

Sea and Fire doubles down on his elemental themes, and it was this song that he brought to the Live at Enmore studios.

Check out the performance below:


Head over to the Harrison Storm website for more details.

You Am I Performs ‘The Waterboy’ Live at Enmore

No other band combines rock ‘n’ roll swagger, wry lyricism, and indefatigable melodies like You Am I. Since busting down the doors to the national stage in the mid-’90s, they’ve been responsible for more than their fair share of festival singalongs.

Back with a new single, The Waterboy, which appears on the upcoming album, The Lives of Others, You Am I hit the Live at Enmore studios with trademark verve.

Check out the performance below:


Head over to the You Am I website for more details.

Lincoln’s Gold Performs ‘Propofol’ Live at Enmore

Hailing from the sunny Northern Beaches of Sydney, Lincoln’s Gold knows how to put on a show. We’re talking next-level antics, especially from the band’s less-than-predictable frontman, Bill Robinson.

Spawned from COVID-era jamming, Lincoln’s Gold brought Propofol (the song, that is) to the Live at Enmore studio.

Check out the performance below:


To find out more about Lincoln’s Gold, follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

Lenka Performs ‘Ivory Tower’ Live at Enmore

The multi-dimensional artist Lenka recently visited the Live at Enmore studios. She brought with her co-writer and producer, Dave Jenkins Jr. of Not A Boys Name, and a brand new single, Ivory Tower

Imaginatively tweaked for the live setting, Jenkins was on bass and drum machine while Lenka rocked the keytar.

Check out the performance below:


For more info on Lenka, head over to her Facebook page.

We love all the great videos Enmore Audio has put out with these amazing Australian artists. Scour our Facebook page or our Youtube playlist for new Live at Enmore performances!




Large diaphragm multi-pattern condenser

$ 1199


Cardioid dynamic handheld

$ 399


Pencil type bidirectional active ribbon mic

$ 1199


Large-Diaphragm Dynamic Broadcast Microphone

$ 599


Cardioid Dynamic Instrument Microphone

$ 559


Hypercardioid Dynamic Instrument Microphone

$ 299


Dynamic hypercardioid kick-drum and high SPL mic

$ 349


Small diaphragm modular hypercardioid mic

$ 899


Professional Studio Monitor Headphones

$ 279

Colour :


Versatile monitor headphones for every application

$ 169

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