How To Change The Stylus On Your LP5, LP120 Or LP1240

Audio-Technica’s entry-level and mid-range styli have a lifespan of over 300 hours of use if they are well maintained. To ensure the best audio reproduction, replace your stylus once a year for general home use.

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For the LP60 and LP3, head here.

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How to change the stylus on your AT95E cartridge

Remove the headshell from the turntable for easy installation.

Hold the Headshell at a vertical angle.

Grab the stylus body at the ridges on either side of the body.


Pull the stylus body away from the cartridge in one motion.

The stylus body should come off easily. The stylus body will not detach from the cartridge if you attempt to remove it up or down the cartridge.

Note the tab on the inside of the stylus body. When replacing the stylus, the tab should lock into the cavity on the cartridge.



Do not leave the headshell resting on the stylus as a general rule.

Be careful not to touch the stylus. This can damage the alignment of the new stylus.


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