It all starts with an AT2020



Talent is one thing, but capturing it and delivering it is quite another. Audio-Technica’s stringent consistency, reliability and quality standards bring professional performance to this extremely affordable line of home/project studio microphones.

Start your musical journey with Audio-Technica’s AT2020. It’s an excellent quality, side address studio condenser, perfect for vocals, acoustic instruments, drum overheads and a round trip of studio applications.

It’s all about clear, full range, precise, dynamic audio.

Achieve greatness – Start with an AT2020.

Now available in White!


Cardioid highlight

It all starts with the Capsule

A microphone is only as good as its capsule and no one sweats capsule design like Audio-Technica.  The AT2020 capsule is hand punched in the company’s high-tech, clean room factory in Machida, Tokyo, alongside studio heavy weights like AT4050, AT5040, and AT4060.  16mm diameter, 2 microns thick, it’s produced from gold vapourised polyphenylene sulphide and aged to improve lower frequency stability.  To reduce vibration and build shock resistance it’s strapped top and bottom in a rubber mount and housed in a cast aluminium shell.  It all starts with high quality design and precision engineering!



The new standard for affordable side-address studio condensers

$ 149


The new standard for affordable side-address studio condensers

$ 149


Condenser microphone with USB output

$ 249

Colour :

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