Introducing the Next Generation of Moving Coil Cartridges – the AT-ART9XA and AT-ART9XI

Since 2015, the AT-ART9 has been our moving coil cartridge flagship. Five years later we are taking things to the next level. The AT-ART9XA and the AT-ART9XI are our latest high-performance cartridges with both models drawing their name from our award-winning Audio-Technica Reference Transducer (ART) technology.

The moving coils in either of the ART9X cartridges are aligned in a V-shape delivering higher channel separation, wider response and a clear sound localisation with minimal distortion. The housing of both models includes aluminium and high-rigidity polymer. This ensures stable playback and minimises unwanted resonances. The cartridge body has threaded screw holes that allow easy installation using only two mounting screws, with no mounting bolts required.

The main difference between the two products is the varying school of thought. One uses a magnetic core the other does not.

The ART9XA, like its predecessor the ART7, stands out by having a non-magnetic core which eliminates any chances of magnetic distortion, giving you a superior spatial representation and sound imaging. Featuring a Shibata stylus, the cartridge delivers accurate tracking and excellent performance in the high to mid-low range. A completely redesigned coil armature yields a 20% increase in output voltage to 0.2 mV (1kHz, 5cm/sec).

The ART9XI is the successor of the ART9, which is noticeable because both have a magnetic core. This provides a superior dynamic range and presence for vocals and instruments. Additionally, its higher output voltage of 0.5 mV (1 kHz, 5 cm/sec) delivers a powerful performance. The cartridge has a special line contact stylus, which is a popular choice in our high-end range due to its precise tracking and resolution of fine music detail.

We are excited to be able to further the legacy of both the ART7 and ART9, with the new cartridges. The AT-ART9XA and AT-ART9XI are now available online, each priced at $2,299.



Dual Moving Coil Cartridge (Non-Magnetic Core)

$ 2299


Dual Moving Coil Cartridge

$ 2299

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