Immerse with Audio-Technica Gaming Audio Software

We are changing the game for our premium headsets by teaming up with Embody Inc. to offer you a ground breaking new in-game sound experience. The ‘Immerse with Audio-Technica’-software creates an individual profile of each listener and adapts the audio in the game. This means more accuracy, more goose bumps, and most importantly you will hear the game the way it was meant to. The new technology allows you to hear the sound as intended by the game developers and more real than ever.

The gaming industry strives to create a more immersive experience for players with breathtaking graphics, cinematography and sound. However, everyone’s perception is different, which is why Embody Inc. developed a software that analyses an image of your outer ear to find out how you localise sound sources. The AI in Immerse with Audio-Technica calculates and compares the characteristics with its large scale database to create a customised audio profile for you within only one minute.

We are always looking to enhance our products and improve the listening experience. The new application adds a lot of new layers to the in-game sound. Immerse with Audio-Technica works with six of our most premium headset models.


Users can access the software by signing up for a yearly subscription for only USD $14.99 or a three-year plan priced USD $39.99. The program can be downloaded on You can test the software by opting for a two-week free trial.

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