How to use the ATH-ANC300TW with the Audio-Technica Connect App

Get the most out of your new headphones with the Audio-Technica Connect app. Out of the box, the buttons on the ATH-ANC300TW allow you to use the most important features such as pause/play media, manage volume, turn on the hear-through function and answer calls. However, if you want to find out what your headphones are capable of, we suggest looking into this helpful guide.

To start, make sure your headphones are connected to your phone, you’ve downloaded the Audio-Technica Connect app and have it open.

Ambient Control

Noise Cancelling

There is more than one way to quiet down ambient noise with the ATH-ANC300TW. Noise-cancelling can be adapted to your environment using three different settings:

  • Airplane – ideal for the low rumbling of an aeroplane motor
  • On the Go – takes care of traffic and the usual city bustle
  • Office/Study – giving you just the right amount of noise-cancellation for a quieter environment and

Click on Noise-Cancelling to
access ambience control

Choose your preferred
noise-cancelling mode


If you just want to quickly hear your surroundings or have a quick chat without taking out your earbuds, you can use the Hear-Through function. The noise-cancelling microphones will feed back the ambient sound so you can hear what is happening around you. Using the app, you can set the Hear-Through level to your personal preference.

Click on Hear-Through to
change the level of ambient
sound being held back


Turning off Noise-Cancelling and Hear-Through is ideal for when you want to rely solely on the passive noise-cancelling and enjoy your audio unenhanced.

Disengage both, Noise-
Cancelling and Hear-Through,
by choosing Off

Audio Codecs

Codecs are compression technologies used for audio streaming, among other things. Using the Audio-Technica Connect App, you can choose between the Codecs called AAC and SBC, or let the system choose by default. The AAC connection transmits excellent audio data to your headphones and is stable over short distances. The SBC Codec delivers a very stable connection, with slightly lower audio quality, but works better for larger distances.

Change audio Codecs by
clicking on the arrow symbol

Click on the link to open the
codecs menu

After choosing the Codec,
disconnect and reconnect
the headphones


The headphones can be adjusted even further by changing the order of commands assigned to the two keys, as well as engaging and disengaging the Voice Prompt and Auto Power Off function.

To access more options, click
in the arrow next to the

Choose Key Assign to change
the pattern of commands on
your buttons

You can choose between the
pattern for left and right
handed use

In the same menu, you can
turn off the Voice Prompt for
your smart assistant as well as
the Auto Power Off function

The ATH-ANC300TW and the Audio-Technica Connect App deliver a fantastic synergy to enhance and adapt your listening experience at home or on-the-go. Not only will we be rolling out updates to the Connect App but should a firmware update for your ANC300TW headphones become available you can easily update and install them via the app itself.

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