How to Set Up a USB Mic and Headset

USB microphones offer a simple solution for connecting to computers (much simpler than traditional analog microphones, which require an inline audio interface to work with computers). And using a USB mic is an easy way to greatly improve the sound quality of your online communication while working from home. There is some setup required, but it is not difficult.

Audio-Technica offers many popular USB microphones. The ATGM1-USB is a short-gooseneck tabletop microphone, which is a popular option for capturing your voice while at your desk. The ATR2100x-USB handheld microphone is another go-to option that includes a headphone connection that allows you to plug headphones directly into the microphone. Headsets, including the ATH-G1 gaming headset and the ATGM2 detachable boom mic, which may be used with your favorite pair of Audio-Technica headphones, are also great choices. These offer consistent audio capture by keeping the microphone close to your mouth even when you move your head around. Note, the ATH-G1 and ATGM2 have analog connections, but if you don’t have the proper input on your computer you can also connect them as USB devices by using the ATR2x-USB audio dongle.


Please follow the appropriate link below for setup assistance:

How do I set up my USB microphone with my PC?

For Windows 10: Windows Start > Settings > System > Sound. Under Output it will show
“Speakers (USB Device Name)” and under Input it will show “Microphone (USB Device Name).”

How do I set up my USB microphone with my Mac?

Can I use a USB microphone on a Chromebook?

For each setup, you will need to select the input and output devices you want your computer to use. For the input, select your Audio-Technica USB microphone.

The output you select will depend on which device you are using.


You will use your computer’s internal headphone output connection, so select the computer’s internal speakers (or connected headphones or speakers) as the output.

ATR2x-USB & ATR2100x-USB:

You will select your USB device as the output, which will send the computer’s output signal back over the USB connection to the headphones connected to the ATR2xUSB or ATR2100xUSB.

If you have further questions or concerns while setting up your Audio-Technica USB microphone or headset, please contact the Audio-Technica service department for assistance.

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