Drop it like it’s hot: Our NEW VM-Type Moving Magnet Phono Cartridge Range

Audio-Technica has been manufacturing phono cartridges since 1962. We continue to build on our expertise by offering an option for every kind of listener and vinyl enthusiast. The new VM-Type moving magnet phono cartridge range employ our patented V-shaped Dual Magnet design along with a host of modern improvements.

The VM design provides exceptional channel separation, stereo imaging, frequency response and tracking of the record groove. All the cartridges feature high-purity 6N-OFC oxygen-free copper wiring for maximum sonic purity and extraordinary resolution of fine musical detail. Check out the microsite here.

VM510CB $199 RRP

This entry-level VM cartridge model is equipped with a conical bonded stylus. The round stylus is less likely to be affected by placement and boasts stable tracing performance. 

VM670SP $299 RPP

With a specialised body and internal wiring dedicated to monaural sound reproduction, plus a large curvature radius conical stylus, the VM670SP cartridge is designed for playing 78 RPM records.

VM750SH $699 RRP

The VM750SH is fitted with a Shibata style stylus, which was developed for playing 4cg vinyl records that demand high-frequency reproduction abilities during playback. It is also ideal for reproducing rich mid and low frequencies.

The flagship VM760SLC $1199 RRP 

Using an ultra-lightweight stylus tip ground to a high level of precision, we achieved a combination of low distortion rate with fuller frequency reproduction during playback. This stylus tip extracts every possible piece of information from the grooves on a record with unparalleled frequency response.

VM520EB/H $259 RRP (Available complete with headshell only)

Standard elliptical cartridge model equipped with an elliptical bonded stylus, This reduces tracing distortion and allows for more accurate sound reproduction. 

VM530EN/H $399 RRP (Available complete with headshell only)

High-end elliptical stylus model equipped with a light-weighted nude elliptical stylus to reduce the execution mass of the vibration system. This enables fuller frequency reproduction.

VM540ML/H $479 RRP (Available complete with headshell only)

Standard model with a MicroLine® stylus. Distortion is low even on the inner circumference of a record because the curvature radius of the stylus tip does not alter even if the stylus becomes worn. 




Dual Moving Magnet Stereo Cartridge

$ 199


Dual Moving Magnet Cartridge

$ 699


Dual Moving Magnet Cartridge

$ 1199


Headshell/Dual Moving Magnet Cartridge Combo Kit

$ 259


Headshell/Dual Moving Magnet Cartridge Combo Kit

$ 399


Headshell/Dual Moving Magnet Cartridge Combo Kit

$ 479


Dual Moving Magnet Cartridge for 78 RPM records

$ 299

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