Dungeons and Dragons Podcast Back at the Audio-Technica Headquarters

It has been a long time since we last saw the crew from I Speak Giant, and we were craving to get our fantasy fix from one of our closest sponsorship partners. Our friends made their way down to our headquarters to record a three-hour-long Dungeons and Dragons session last Saturday.

Due to COVID-19, we temporarily had to suspend the monthly podcast sessions at our office. We were eager to find a way and work out a plan to comply with the government’s social distancing and hygiene guidelines. Last weekend was a great success, and it was amazing to see how the team went above and beyond to keep everyone safe.

The entire crew at I Speak Giant represents Audio-Technica on a daily basis with everyone using a combination of the AT2020USB+, ATR2500x microphones and the ATH-G1 headset during their adventures at home. Throughout the live streams, the audio is recorded through the AT-BP40 dynamic broadcast microphone, giving everyone the freedom to scream, shout and curse their way through battles whilst recording in close proximity to each other.

This episode is going live on Thursday, 13 August as part of the upcoming PAX exhibition, the biggest gaming convention in the world. This year’s event has been transformed into a virtual nine-day global streaming bonanza. PAX 2020 runs from September 12th through to September 20th featuring numerous streamers, panel discussions and more. So don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime event and make sure to tune in.





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