All You Need is an AT-BP40

Starting your own podcast can be relatively simple; you get a topic in mind, your hosts organised, a nice quiet room, set up an account with Buzzsprout and now your show is ready to be uploaded to streaming services for all to hear.

However, there is one crucial element that so often goes unnoticed.

The Sound.

As a podcast host myself (of a true-crime podcast Best Served Cold), it was absolutely paramount for me to sound as professional as I possibly could in a small Sydney apartment.
This, of course, centres around the Podcasters most important tool, the microphone. Of which, there are so many types.
So then, which one works the best for podcasting?

For me, there is only one microphone that’s up for the task: The AT-BP40 Dynamic Broadcast Microphone.

First of all, dynamic is so important for podcasting, especially if you’re like me and don’t have access to a studio space with exceptional sound isolation. You may have seen these types of mics on other podcast shows via their streams or YouTube highlights, or even on stage at a concert. The reason why they’re almost necessary for these applications is the incredible vocal presence and isolation they provide. They’re able to project vocals in such a clean way, without the risk of clipping.

The issue with using say, condenser microphones, is they pick up way too much noise. If there’s a car outside, cat scratching at the wall (yes, talking from experience) or even just someone walking around the house, you run the risk of picking all of that up. The idea is, you want a mic that will isolate your vocals while providing a powerful enough vocal presence without having to sacrifice sound quality while also minimising clipping.

This is where the AT-BP40 comes in

This powerful mic makes your vocals sound rich & natural, but also strong and clear. I like to mix my vocals a bit, adding some extra body to it. The best thing is you can go crazy with the effects, and still, the audio recorded on the BP40 will sound so smooth. What makes it so perfect for Podcasts, is that you can have the BP40 mics in a naturally collaborative environment without compromising on sound. This makes the overall experience much more comfortable, which is then reflected in the quality of your conversations in the podcast.

Some of the other features included in the mic make the actual recording process so much easier. The mic has an in-built multistage windscreen to provide internal pop-filtering, on top of that it has a switchable 100Hz high-pass filter to provide an extra level of protection against vocal pops. This is critical when recording hours of continuous vocals, as you can’t simply record everything all over again if your audio has pops, and it’s just a much more enjoyable listening experience for your audience.



Large-Diaphragm Dynamic Broadcast Microphone

$ 599


Professional Studio Monitor Headphones

$ 279

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