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Audio-Technica Australia is proud to announce its partnership with the team at I Speak Giant, a Dungeons & Dragons podcast based out of Sydney, Australia.

From the very first episode the team has been using Audio-Technica products to capture the excitement, horror and hilarity of their various adventures. Now over 150 episodes deep, I Speak Giant has solidified themselves as not only one of the premier D’n’D podcasts, but a group of content creators taking the tabletop world by storm.

After a few successful live streams out of Audio-Technica HQ, the team are now branching out to streaming on Twitch where you’ll be able to witness their brilliance live as well as catching their weekly podcast episodes.

You can listen to all of I Speak Giant’s episodes on their website and stay up to date with their various adventures on Twitter.

Below is a statement from their fearless leader and revered Dungeon Master, Zac.


Three years ago, a group of earnest yet thoroughly naive adventurers set out to make I Speak Giant, a Dungeons & Dragons podcast. Like so many travelling bands of heroes, they had the help of a wise mentor – a Yoda, a Gandalf – who provides sage wisdom and arcane magical weapons. In our case, our silver-haired saviour came in the form of premium audio equipment company Audio-Technica.

Just like in Lord of the Rings.

Making the first episode of your podcast is always the hardest one. You’ll have many monsters to slay (yes, we’re still doing this analogy), and the most formidable one is audio quality. You could have the best idea in the world, but if it sounds like you’ve got three potatoes hooked up to a car battery no one will listen to it. The incredible mics we received from Audio-Technica in the early days of I Speak Giant was only one way they saved our show before it even started.

See, the thing about Obi Wan is that he didn’t just give Luke a lightsaber and send him on his merry way to take on the Empire. He paired equipment with knowledge. Now, while the fine people at Audio-Technica didn’t teach me about using the Force, they were generous with their tips on things like audio mixers, and what gain actually is.

They were there to support us during some of our biggest and scariest challenges, and celebrated our wins with us. When I Speak Giant got the opportunity to stream on the official D&D twitch channel for the upcoming Descent into Avernus campaign, Audio-Technica hooked us up with the equipment we needed to get it done and their incredible office space to stream from. It looked like we streamed from a cozy firelit tavern.

So now, after battling for three years in the podcasting wars, to now be officially sponsored by the crew that have been with us the entire way, it feels like everything is coming full circle. It feels like Sam returning to the Shire and Luke getting a medal on Yavin 4. It just feels right. Plus I’m excited to see what kind of wild escapades we can get up to with A-T now backing us all the way.

To more adventures.

Zac, DM of I Speak Giant”



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