Audio-Technica Presents Live at Enmore

Every week, Australian artists are making their way to play their songs for Live at Enmore at a cosy studio in the heart of Newtown. The team at Enmore Audio have done a fantastic job capturing these performances and creating a space to check out upcoming Aussie talent and studio veterans alike.


Our first partnered episode was with Brisbane solo artist RINSE. The multi-talented musician has been a long-time collaborator of Hatchie, both as a producer and video director.

Supporting the performance was our AE4100 dynamic handheld mic, a reliable option for vocalists that offers solid pop protection whilst capturing everything you can throw at it, just the thing for a live vocal alongside a guitar. We used an AT4053b – perfect for when you need extreme rejection and great attention to detail to capture the acoustic instruments. The cello performance took this performance to another level and luckily our AE3000 had the sensitivity and finesse to capture the power of this acoustic instrument.

Check out the performance below:


To find out more, head over to the RINSE website.

Taka Perry Performs ‘Twenty’

Two prodigious local talents hit the Live at Enmore studios for the second session. Taka Perry, the 22-year-old Canberra-born electronic producer and the even younger Stevan (he just turned 20) known for his woozy bedroom pop from Wollongong. Steering clear of glitchy electronica and melancholy grooves, they created Twenty, an up-tempo banger about what it means to come of age in the pandemic.

With Stevan’s lightning-fast raps, the team needed a mic to capture all that detail and the AT4050 did it without breaking a sweat.

Check out the performance below:


Check out Taka Perry’s website and find out more about Stevan at Astral People.

True Vibenation feat. A.GIRL Performs ‘More Than You’ll Ever Know’

The third performance was delivered by none other than True Vibenation, who are masters of bringing diverse musical influences together and transforming them into a sound that is wholly their own. They recently teamed up with the incredibly talented Sydney vocalist A.GIRL for the single, More Than You’ll Ever Know. Lush with harmonies and horns, it’s a slow jam with a chorus that you won’t be able to forget.

The sax sound was crucial in this track. The AT4081 is an excellent ribbon that has the capacity to capture all the nuance and volatility of this unique tone.

A dynamic isn’t always the first choice for trumpet, but in this case, the Audio-Technica AT-BP40 was just the ticket. Able to cope with the blasts, plus it rejected the rest of the horn section well.

Check out the performance below:


Head over to the True Vibenation website and the A.GIRL website to find out more.

Jaguar Jonze Performs ‘Murder’

In our fourth week, we were just blown away by Jaguar Jonze’s raw performance. On the verge of releasing her new EP Antihero, the singer and songwriter also known as Deena Lynch and her band (Joe Fallon on guitar, Aidan Hogg on bass, and Jacob Mann on the kit) stepped into the Live at Enmore studios to play the new single, Murder. 

Bouncing from hushed phrases in the verses to dramatic outbursts in the choruses, Jaguar Jonze is a force of nature and our AE4100 was able to handle everything she could throw at it. With our first full drum kit in the studio, the team managed to capture the energy perfectly, especially with our ATM250 jammed right inside the kick!

Check out the performance below:


Head over to the Jaguar Jonze website for more details.

Being a part of Live at Enmore gives us a great chance to show our best mics and headphones in action. So stay tuned for more amazing artists recording epic concerts in this series powered by Audio-Technica. You can catch the next episode fresh on our Facebook page or check out the Live at Enmore playlist on Youtube.



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