Audio Gear Donated to Glebe Youth Service

The Glebe Youth Service has been a staple for 30 years in one of the most diverse communities of Sydney. We were able to provide audio equipment for their new music area. The recording setup includes two AT-LP120x-USB direct-drive turntables, a number of M-series monitoring headphones, AT2020 microphones, AT9934USB microphones as well as an Allen and Heath ZEDi 10 mixer and a QSC K10 speaker. Michael Coleman, Program Manager at Glebe Youth Services, contacted Technical Audio Group with the idea of organising some recording gear for the new break-out room at the centre. The space will be transformed into a hang-out area with computers, a lounge, and a recording setup for music and podcasts. When asked about the reason for starting a music program, Michael said, ‘We want to give young people a positive form of self-expression’.

He is going to arrange classes for lyric writing and music production. However, the main purpose to have the space is so the kids can create their own music. Thanks to Michael’s connection to the Sydney Hip Hop scene, he is able to engage experienced musicians and audio professionals who can run workshops. The tracks created by the course participants would then be premiered during the quarterly hip hop nights at the youth centre.

At the moment, the community centre is only open for individual support and small group programs, to keep staff and visitors safe. In the meantime artists, Aunty Kathryn, Georgia Riley Frew and many others have created a large mural spanning over all four walls of the new room. Many members of the community helped out by painting and immortalising the people who rose to fame or made a difference in their neighbourhood. Among the portraits are many famous people such as Olympian Cathy Freeman, AFL Player Adam Goodes, and other influential Indigenous Australians. For privacy reasons, we were not able to take pictures of the mural.

Aunty Kath spoke to us about how kids from difficult backgrounds come to Glebe Youth Service, where they find a positive environment and are encouraged to get involved in activities. She pointed out that there are many symbols in the mural standing for freedom, which means that it is ok to leave your past behind and be free.

We admire what the people at Glebe Youth Service have done for their community and are happy to be able to contribute to their music program.

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