ATH-M50xMO Lantern Glow Limited Edition Headphones

ATH-M50xMO Lantern Glow

The Glow up we’ve all been waiting for ­­­— the ATH-M50xMO “Lantern Glow”! The limited-edition is available to pre-order online now and will be available in stores around Australia within the week! The 9th edition of our limited ATH-M50x features an eye-catching, vibrant, metallic orange colour scheme voted as the winning colour by our fanbase as part of our global poll.

ATH-M50xMO Lantern Glow

But looks aren’t everything. The ATH-M50x MO studio monitoring headphones offer the same exceptional audio quality as our other critically acclaimed M50x models. Their unmatched comfort and durability make them a top choice for professional and everyday use.

ATH-M50xMO Lantern Glow Production Process

ATH-M50xMO Lantern Glow

Quality Checks

As part of the Lantern Glow release, all samples of these limited-edition headphones went through a vigorous quality check. This check included long listening sessions, as well as headband stretches and colour inspections. We made certain to take all the steps necessary to ensure that the ATH-M50xMO Lantern Glow headphones were approved by our talented testing team.

Quality Check ATH-M50xMO Lantern Glow

Mass Production and Shipping

Once the ATH-M50xMO Lantern Glow passed the vigorous testing phase, it went into mass production. This part of the process included the assembly of the limited-edition models as well as the worldwide shipping.

Assembly ATH-M50xMO Lantern Glow

Before the final release, we sent all models through a quality control check. This final stage included checking and inspecting the quality of the build, sound, and colour, ensuring each pair of Lantern Glow headphones delivered the signature Audio-Technica listening experience you expect.



LIMITED EDITION Professional Monitor Headphones (Lantern Glow)

$ 279

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