Any Room. Any Place. Any Time. AT2040

If only we could have a mic that has it all – superior broadcast audio quality, fantastic sound rejection, all at an affordable price. Look no further. The AT2040 is is made for anyone who wants to upgrade their setup for a more professional sound. So, what does it do? What’s under the hood? And how do you use it?

Firstly, it’s a hypercardioid dynamic microphone, which means the AT2040 is going to excel at recording in untreated environments and group recordings. The tight hypercardioid pick-up pattern rejects rear and side sounds, only picking up what is directly in-front of it.

Inside the mic, the internal multistage foam windscreen functions as a built-in pop filter, so you can get nice and close without any annoying ‘pops’.

The mic features a specifically designed, integrated shock mount that tames any noise, shock or vibration that might be transmitted through a mic stand, boom, or mount.

With its all-metal construction and rugged build quality, you can expect the AT2040 to stand the test of time, that’s why its got a 5 year warranty out of the box.

So, grab yourself an AT2040 and give your podcast or stream the quality upgrade it deserves—now available on our website and selected retailers for $199.



Hypercardioid Dynamic Podcast Microphone

$ 199

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