Analog The Easy Way With The LP60X Range

There are many ways to get into analog music. However, it quickly ends up being quite an investment. LP60 range is an alternative for people who want to have an affordable start into the world of high fidelity. It is low-price and an easy-to-assemble solution for instant music enjoyment. There are three options to choose from: The LP60X, the LP60XUSB, and the LP60XBT.


The LP60X is the first and most affordable model of the three at a price point of $249. It comes with a fully automatic belt-drive, which means it’s recommended for listening only. DJs would require a model with a direct-drive, which is a motor under the metal disk, creating the rotation.

Another feature is the built-in, switchable pre-amp, allowing to either connect the turntable directly to external speakers using the option ‘line’ or use an external pre-amp by switching to ‘phono’. The two speed options are 33 1/3 and 45 RPM. The LP60X uses the ATN3600L stylus, which is conical and can be replaced when necessary. Included in the price is the RCA cable, the 45 RPM adapter, and the removable hinged dust cover.


The LP60XUSB, as the name suggests, is equipped with a USB port. This additional feature allows the buyer to digitalise records using a 1.9m USB cable, with a 3.5mm mini-plug to dual RCA output cable, which is included in the package. The price of the LP60XUSB is $269.



The LP60XBT is the newest of the three models. The Bluetooth option can be used to connect the turntable to speakers or computers alike. The technology behind the high-quality sound transmission via Bluetooth is aptX codec. Bluetooth’s usual bandwidth is not ideally suited to deliver high sound quality. However, the aptX codec reduces the bit rate of the file while preserving the audio performance.

The three models are all built similarly. They are very compact, measuring 36cm by 35.8cm by 7.5cm high and weighing 3kg. The assembly consists of putting the metal platter in position, slipping the belt over the motor pulley, and adding the felt matt. All LP60s have a lever to switch between 7- or 12-inch records. Another feature for safer handling is the cue-button, which raises or lowers the tonearm onto the record.

The aim of these models is to make high fidelity approachable and enjoyable for everyone. The easy build and the low price might suggest a lack of features. However, Audio-Technica’s LP60 range proves that it delivers high quality, affordability, and a great variety of applications.

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