ATH-IM02 (Discontinued)

Dual balanced armature in-ear monitors

$399 + shipping (includes gst)

When Audio-Technica engineers developed the new SonicPro in-ear monitor (IM) headphones, they centered the design around the three most important components of a superb listening experience: 1) Sound, 2) Fit and 3) Functionality.

With its dual balanced armature drivers and a horn-shaped conductor pipe to reduce acoustic radiation resistance, the ATH-IM02 in ear monitor headphones effortlessly deliver that pure listening experience. And the innovation doesn’t stop there – the headphones were specially designed to fit and seal within the ear for the ultimate in-ear monitoring. Each pair comes equipped with three sizes of silicone earpieces (S/M/L) and Comply™ foam earpieces (M) for a customized fit. Detachable cables with formable wire and a carrying case add additional convenience and functionality to the headphones, allowing you to easily take them wherever life takes you.

Equipped with dual balanced armature drivers for full range playback
Detachable cord with high quality connector, designed to be attached firmly during usage
Ergonomic design in pursuit of a custom fit listening experience
Premium Comply Foam earbuds for outstanding sound isolation
Frequency Response: 20-16,000 Hz
Cable Length: 3.5mm L-type mini-stereo, gold-plated. Detachable 1.2m cable, Y-type
Sensitiviy: 124 dB
Maximum Input Power: 3mW
Weight: About 5g
Maximum Input Power: 3mW
Impedance: 46 ohms



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